Tech-friendly spreadsheets

Modern SQL and .NET programming in Excel


Speaks your language

Use SQL, C#, and VB.NET right inside Excel to process data, build custom functions and automate workbooks.


Intelligent IDE

Code completion, syntax highlighting, code fixes, and much more. With QueryStorm's IDE, writing code is a breeze!


Distributable runtime

Share your functions and automated workbooks with clients and colleagues. All they need to use them is the QueryStorm Runtime.


Query data in Excel

QueryStorm lets you use SQL and C# in Excel, turning it into a powerful tool for querying and processing data.


Create Excel functions

Create your own Excel functions using SQL, C#, or VB.NET. Use them yourself, or publish them to share them with colleagues and clients!


Build smart workbooks

Add business logic to your workbooks to give them rich interactive behavior powered by .NET and SQL code.

Empowering You

Software Engineer

Employ your technical skills in Excel to process data, build smart workbooks and write and share custom functions.

SQL Professional

Use SQL to clean, query, and process workbook data, and easily move data between Excel and databases.

Business user

Make use of smart workbooks and custom functions built by your team as well as useful Excel extensions built by the community.

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From Our Blog

QueryStorm | C# in Excel
Jan 12 '23·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
Replacing VBA with C#? I spend a fair amount of time writing code in C#, which I enjoy. I occasionally wish I could use C# inside other applications. One application where I think C# would fit right in is Excel, as a replacement for VBA. VBA is a bit (a lot) behind the times and Microsoft... boards are similar to Excel tables boards store data in a tabular format, much like a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets would. Boards make it easy for people to collaborate and offer an strict but intuitive user interface for viewing and entering values. Excel tables, on the other hand, are less...
SQL Query function in Excel If you're reading this article you probably know that Google Sheets has a QUERY function that allows you to run SQL-like queries against data in the sheet. This function lets you do all sorts of gymnastics with the data in your sheet, be it filtering, aggregating, or pivoting data. Being a...
SQL support inside Excel Have you ever worked with data in Excel and thought to yourself: "This would be so much easier to do with SQL"? With the tool I'm about to show you, you can actually use SQL in Excel. It's convenient, powerful and it even comes with intellisense. First glance The tool I'm referring to...
Suppose you have an Excel file with a list of international phone numbers (like the left column in the image below) and you want to find out which country each number belongs to, group them by country and convert them to a local number for easier dialing. Or, you have a mix of national and...
How to bulk edit a WordPress site with Excel
Apr 01 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
Introduction Editing a WordPress site can be a pain if you need to make many changes across many pages. But suppose you could view and edit the entire contents of your WordPress site inside Excel. No more navigation, searching and waiting for pages to load. In this article/video, I show you how to do this...
In part 1 of this blog post series we mentioned the most common approach to web scraping and its issues. We also made a small example on how to start web scraping with C#, Selenium and QueryStorm in Excel. Now we'll expand on the example from part 1 and create a more useful web...
Introduction Web scraping is something that will come up sooner or later in a developer's career - be it for a business requirement or for personal use. So, how do we tackle web scraping when the time comes? First, let's split the scraping task into three subtasks: Getting the dataParsing the data to get our resultsOutputting the...

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