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I wandered off and built an IDE

Mar 07 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
A few years ago, I set out to build a small Excel plugin to help out my girlfriend at the time. I ended up building a full-blown IDE over the course of four years and spent the winter in Poland in a startup accelerator. How did this happen? As with many great endeavors of man,...
Fast prototyping with C# and Excel

Mar 07 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
C# · Excel
Excel doesn’t have much of a reputation as a developer tool. But imagine if instead of VBA you could use C#. Would this change things? I guess it depends. Admittedly, I’m a bit biased (since I wrote QueryStorm), but I find the combination of C# and a spreadsheet really useful. It lets me quickly...
Querying other databases from SQLite

Mar 07 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
SQLite is a remarkable little database engine. Although it serves a different purpose, it can do much of what the big client-server databases can do. It’s fast, reliable, extremely well tested and feature rich. However, if you need a function that SQLite does not offer, defining one for yourself can be tricky. Not so...