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How to bulk edit a WordPress site with Excel

Apr 01 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
Introduction Editing a WordPress site can be a pain if you need to make many changes across many pages. But suppose you could view and edit the entire contents of your WordPress site inside Excel. No more navigation, searching and waiting for pages to load. In this article/video, I show you how to do this...
Web scraping with C# and Selenium – part 2

Mar 29 '21·Dinko Gregorić
In part 1 of this blog post series we mentioned the most common approach to web scraping and its issues. We also made a small example on how to start web scraping with C#, Selenium and QueryStorm in Excel. Now we'll expand on the example from part 1 and create a more useful web...
Web scraping with C# and Selenium – part 1

Mar 23 '21·Dinko Gregorić
Introduction Web scraping is something that will come up sooner or later in a developer’s career – be it for a business requirement or for personal use. So, how do we tackle web scraping when the time comes? First, let’s split the scraping task into three subtasks: Getting the dataParsing the data to get our resultsOutputting the...
I wandered off and built an IDE

Mar 07 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
A few years ago, I set out to build a small Excel plugin to help out my girlfriend at the time. I ended up building a full-blown IDE over the course of four years and spent the winter in Poland in a startup accelerator. How did this happen? As with many great endeavors of man, this one also...
Fast prototyping with C# and Excel

Mar 07 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
Excel doesn’t have much of a reputation as a developer tool. But imagine if instead of VBA you could use C#. Would this change things? I guess it depends. Admittedly, I’m a bit biased (since I wrote QueryStorm), but I find the combination of C# and a spreadsheet really useful. It lets me quickly...
Querying other databases from SQLite

Mar 07 '21·Antonio Nakić-Alfirević
SQLite is a remarkable little database engine. Although it serves a different purpose, it can do much of what the big client-server databases can do. It’s fast, reliable, extremely well tested and feature rich. However, if you need a function that SQLite does not offer, defining one for yourself can be tricky. Not so...

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