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What's new in version 2.7.8487

This version introduces two interesting changes, so it merits more detailed release notes...

QueryStorm GPT-powered Copilot

We're excited to introduce the new GPT-powered copilot for QueryStorm! This AI-driven feature lets you generate SQL code based on SQL comments.

To see the copilot in action, go to this YouTube video.

SQL Code Generation from Comments

With the copilot, you can now generate SQL code by simply writing a descriptive comment. The AI will understand your intent and generate the code accordingly.

You can invoke the copilot when you press Ctrl+Enter while the cursor is on a single-line SQL comment.

Copilot SQL

The generated code is placed between two comments, allowing you to easily identify the AI-generated content. Re-running the copilot will replace any previously generated code in this block with the new one.

Context-Aware SQL Generation

The copilot is context-aware, which means it takes the schema of your database into consideration when generating SQL code. This allows it to create accurate and relevant code, tailored to your specific database.

Copilot context

Multilingual Prompts

You can write prompts in most human languages, even if the language of the prompt doesn't match the language of the database schema.

Multilingual prompts

Configuring the copilot

The copilot requires that you configure it with an OpenAI API key. You can enter the API key in the General settings section:

Copilot config

Current Limitations

Please note the following limitations in the current version of the copilot:

  • When using external databases with extremely complicated schemas, you might run into the 4k tokens limit.
  • Currently, only single-line comments are supported for generating code. We plan to fix this in an upcoming version, allowing for multiline comments as well.

We hope you find the new GPT-powered copilot for QueryStorm valuable and time-saving. Stay tuned for further updates and improvements!

A new "About" Sheet for Workbooks with QueryStorm Code

In addition to the GPT-powered copilot, we're also introducing an "About" sheet to all workbooks that contain QueryStorm code. This sheet serves to inform end users that the workbook contains QueryStorm code and provides instructions on what they need to do to run the code.

The "About" sheet is automatically added by the IDE whenever a workbook containing QueryStorm code is saved. If the sheet is removed, it will be recreated. You can edit it and your edits will not be overwritten, though. Note that, unedited, the sheet includes GIFs and adds approximately 1.5MB to the size of the workbook (if the GIFs are retained).

About sheet

For users with a paid license, the automatic generation of the "About" sheet can be disabled in Settings/General settings. In fact, it will be automatically disabled upon adding a license.

About sheet setting

However, users with the community version cannot turn off the sheet generation. The purpose of this sheet is to raise awareness about QueryStorm, inform users about the presence of code, but also to discourage the use of the community version in enterprise settings.

I believe that the added "About" sheet is a reasonable trade-off for users of the free community version. User feedback on the matter is most welcome.

Other changes

Custom Excel functions now support accepting 1-d arrays as parameters. However, it's important to note that this will not work for end users who have the older versions of the runtime.