Users who intend to write code in QueryStorm should use the Full version. The full version includes the runtime.

Users who will use the solutions built on QueryStorm but will not themselves write code should use the Runtime version.

Version History

Jun 3 '21
This version is a collection of bug fixes. There are no breaking changes in this version.

- fixed compilation of projects with references to local system dlls
- minor fixes to ribbon class template
- fixed publishing packages with native dlls
- prevent creating multiple projects in a workbook, as this scenario is not yet supported
- better handling for project load errors
- better handling for async function crashes
- fix a focus issue with the undocked QueryStorm window where all text input would go to Excel
- fix for project deletion issues (add error logging, allow deleting projects with readonly files/folders)
- fixed minor ui issues in the undocked ribbon
Full Installer
MD5: 23570F6640D79B0F08D4A1D05A8B9E7D
Size : 27.75 MB
Runtime Installer
MD5: C5AAFA37E589E26FA5C5718FE9DE5668
Size : 4.3 MB
Jun 1 '21
- Added support for defining ribbons in apps

SQL preprocessor
- async functions
- functions that include headers in results
- async event handlers
- queries (for use from .NET code)

Data contexts
- complete overhaul of data contexts: switched to C# script for defining data context
- added support for CSV data contexts

- fixed Excel process crash on exit in certain situations
- fixed Excel process crash on disable runtime Excel Addin
- fixed problem with nesting user defined Excel functions
- fixed activation issue for SQL Pro licenses
- fixed deadlocks in certain situations
- fixed some data handling issues in SQLite
- fixed dozens of IDE issues (logging, code editing, UI glitches)
- fixed handling of special values in user defined functions (error values, missing values)
- fixed installer issue for versions of Excel installed from the windows store
- reorganized confusing connection dialog

Breaking changes
- SQL preprocessor syntax change for commands (event handlers): instead of e.g. {handles eventName} now it's {handler (eventName)}
- new apps will not work on the runtime from previous versions due to a change in the API of the runtime. This change was needed to allow apps to register their own ribbons.
- in projects, data context files will need to be recreated, because the new data context approach has changed
Runtime Installer
MD5: 33A8E2432B314836DEF98FDB07EFFE0B
Size : 4.3 MB
Full Installer
MD5: 713B3128CF0A650A081C3E2F351E4E09
Size : 27.74 MB
Mar 31 '21
Version 2 is here!
Full Installer
MD5: AC042517B43F704BED0EF7984E163902
Size : 27.61 MB
Runtime Installer
MD5: 285A281AB51AA13BB20A267AAD7B1134
Size : 4.27 MB

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