Example The following formula translates the text in cell A1 from English to German using the Google Translate API. =Windy.Google.Translate(A1,”de”,”en”) Parameters text – The text to translate. The text can either come from a cell reference or be entered manually (e.g. “Example sentence to translate”) targetLanguage – The code for the language to translate into. … Continued


Example The following formula converts an amount of Euros specified in cell A1 to Croatian kunas based on the buying rate defined from the Croatian National Bank. =Windy.ToHRK(A1,”EUR”,DATE(2021,4,1),1) Parameters amount/iznos – the amount of money to convert fromCurrency – the currency to convert from (e.g. “EUR”, “USD”, “GBP”) date – the date for which the … Continued


Definitions and examples Windy.Format Replaces the format items in a given input string with the string representations of corresponding objects. Example: The following formula displays a sentence specifying the number of items sold for some price based on the value of the F12 and F13 cells. =Windy.Format(“The company sold {0,10} items for {1:C}”,F12,F13) When F12 … Continued


Example: The following formula joins two tables and returns the result, including the headers. Whenever the person and department tables change, the results will also update automatically. =Windy.Query(“select * from department d inner join person p on d.ID = p.DptId”, true, true) Summary: The function accepts a string with a SQL query that can work … Continued