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DataLinks is an Excel add-in that enables two-way synchronization between Excel and SaaS platforms like, AirTable, and MailChimp.


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Connect Excel with your favorite SaaS platforms –, AirTable, and MailChimp – for seamless two-way data sync.

This article gives a brief overview of DataLinks. For information on specific connectors DataLinks includes, check out the quick guides below.

Connector-Specific Guides:

How to sync between and Excel boards are similar to Excel tables boards are similar to Excel tables

Love the power and flexibility of Excel? DataLinks lets you use Excel as the interface for your favorite SaaS platforms. These include, AirTable, and MailChimp.

Edit, analyze, and transform your online data directly in Excel, unlocking new possibilities and streamlining your workflows.

Why DataLinks?

  • Edit Without Hassle: Use Excel to make quick changes to your data. With tools like find-and-replace, editing lots of data is a breeze.
  • Powerful Analysis: Go beyond the built-in reports of your SaaS platforms. Create custom charts, pivot tables, and complex calculations in Excel to uncover deeper insights about your data.
  • Data Connections: Combine data from different systems directly within Excel. Identify trends and see the bigger picture of your business.
  • Easy Moves and Backups: Move data between systems smoothly. Keep your data safe by backing it up in Excel via OneDrive. If something goes wrong, you can restore the data from your Excel file and bring it back into the cloud.
  • Keep Track of Changes: Work on your data in Excel and sync it without losing anyone's updates. DataLinks shows you what’s changed both locally and remotely since last sync and lets you decide how to handle any overlaps.

Discover What DataLinks Can Do

  • Enrich dashboards with external data: Pull in data from public sources using PowerQuery and push it into to create insightful comparisons and visualizations. [Video]
  • Fix Texts in a Snap: Use AI in Excel to check and fix grammar in your feedback records on, making everything neat and professional. [Video]
  • Organize Tags in MailChimp: Change tags across your audience with a few clicks. This keeps your emails targeted and organized.