Dinko Gregorić, Antonio Nakić-Alfirević · Excel Extension
A package that allows you to quickly find tables, ranges and other workbook objects.
Adds a search dialog to Excel for navigating to various workbook objects. Use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+,” to open Searchlight.

(note: previously it was CTRL+ALT+F).


When using Excel press "CTRL+," to open Searchlight. You can close Searchlight at any time by pressing the Escape key.

Now you can start searching for Excel objects by entering text into Searchlight. The search functionality uses names of the Excel objects to find matches. Searchlight will automatically try to find objects that satisfy the input and present them as items in a scrollable list below the input area.

To navigate to an Excel object simply click the corresponding item in the scrollable list or navigate to it with the up/down arrow keys and press the Enter key.

Changing the hotkey

If you'd like to change the hotkey that opens Searchlight, click the "Configure extensions" button in the QueryStorm ribbon tab, select the "Windy.Searchlight" extension in the dialog and pick a hotkey by focusing the textbox and performing the keystroke.

Currently supported Excel objects

You can use Searchlight to search for the following kinds of objects:

  • Sheets
  • Tables
  • Pivot tables
  • Named ranges
  • Shapes (controls)
Future release ideas
  • Add support for more Excel objects based on user demand
  • Advanced search
    • By Excel object type (e.g. find all pivot tables)
    • By location (e.g. search only in sheet named Sheet1)
  • Auto-navigation when hovering over or focusing item