C# Scripting

Write and execute C# scripts and LINQ queries, right inside Excel.

Linq to Excel tables

Open a C# script and start querying and modifying data in workbook tables. Tables are available as strongly typed collections that you can read and modify.

Linq queries in Excel

Interact with Excel

Use C# to interact with Excel's API directly. Anything you can do with VBA, you can now do with C# too!

C# interaction with Excel

Fetch data

Use C# to fetch data from the outside world and bring it into Excel. REST services, API's, local files - if you can fetch it with C#, you can get it into Excel.

Fetching data into Excel via C#

Find and format in Excel

Use C# and LINQ to find rows in Excel, highlight them, and change their formatting.

Format rows with C# Linq

Use NuGet packages

Why reinvent the wheel? Make use of existing libraries to solve problems. Download NuGet packages and use them in your C# scripts.

NuGet libraries in C# scripts

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