Create Excel functions

Create your own Excel functions that calculate results or fetch data. Easily share them with others.

Code your functions
Write your function in C#, VB.NET, or SQL.
Publish them
Publish your functions to a network share or the cloud.
Distribute them
Share your repository URL with your users to let them download your functions.

SQL-powered functions

Decorate SQL queries with a simple preprocessor directive to expose them to Excel as functions. Creating Excel functions that load database data is about as easy as writing the SQL.

Excel functions via sql

.NET-powered functions

Write functions in C# and VB.NET right inside Excel. Compile the function and use it in Excel right away.

Excel functions via .NET

Streaming functions

Your .NET functions can return values that change over time. A typical use case for this is displaying stock prices.

Streaming functions

Share your functions

Building functions for your own use is great, but when you share them, many more people can benefit. Publish your functions to a network location or to Azure to share them with colleagues and clients.

Publishing packages

Get NuGet packages

You don't need to write your functions from scratch. Make use of the thousands of powerful libraries available in the .NET ecosystem using QueryStorm's NuGet support.

Installing NuGet packages

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