Better spreadsheets mean better business

QueryStorm enhances the way your company uses Excel by bringing tech users and business users closer together.

License: QueryStorm Runtime


Leverage tech assets

Use your team's existing code bases, libraries and tech skills to build custom Excel solutions that others in your company can use.

Use smart workbooks

Tech users can use QueryStorm to prepare workbooks with rich behavior that interact with other systems using your company's existing libraries and assets. Use QueryStorm Runtime to make use of these workbooks.

Use custom functions

Tech users can also use QueryStorm to prepare custom Excel functions that load data from other systems, using existing libraries and APIs. Use QueryStorm Runtime to install these functions into Excel.

General-purpose enhancements

Make use of the free general-purpose functions that made by the QueryStorm team, including a "query" function (similar to the one in Google sheets), functions for text and date manipulation, and functions for currency conversion.