SQLize your spreadsheets!

Work with spreadsheet data using the tools you know and love. QueryStorm SQL Professional brings together the convenience of Excel and the power of SQL.

License: QueryStorm SQL Professional


More power with SQL

Use SQL to query and update workbook tables, right inside Excel! QueryStorm's built-in SQLite engine lets you run SQL on workbook tables as if they were database tables.

Connect to databases

Connecting to an external database to easily move data in either direction. The database sees Excel tables as temp tables, and query results can easily be written to Excel. With QueryStorm, having data in Excel is as good as having it in your database.

Smart workbooks

Set up interactive workbooks that use SQL to update their own data as well as data in databases. Share the workbook with your business users - all they need to use it is the QueryStorm runtime.

SQL-powered functions

Decorate SQL queries with a simple preprocessor directive to expose them to Excel as functions. Any SQL query can become an Excel function with just one extra line of code.