Bring your development tools into Excel

Work with spreadsheets using the tools you know and love. QueryStorm Developer brings SQL, C#, and VB.NET into Excel.

License: QueryStorm Developer


Process data with SQL and LINQ

Don't jump through hoops to get Excel data somewhere you can work with it. Query, clean and modify data right inside Excel using SQL and C#.

Easy. Convenient. Powerful.

Connect to databases

When you do need to move data between Excel and databases, QueryStorm makes things easy. It lets the database see workbook tables as temp tables, and makes it easy to get query results back into Excel!

Make smart workbooks

Instead of writing a new application, consider putting your functionality into a workbook instead. Enhanced with a bit of .NET and SQL code, you might often find that a workbook does everything you need!

Go where your users are

Give your users the tools they didn't even know they missed! Build custom Excel functions that perfectly fit the gaps in your user's workflow.